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Hamed Hokamzadeh

Studio Manager,
Sound Supervisor

Growing up a musician in a family of entrepreneurs, it was natural that Hamed came to own a studio with other sound fanatics. By the time he was 19, he’d booked gigs recording local bands, played jazz at venues and wineries, and put out numerous albums.

He fell in love with movies and their soundtrack as a whole, so he moved to LA to study film scoring. While there he gained experience working at NBC, Songtradr, ASCAP, USC and Private Island Trax. After working on a couple features, 20+ shorts and numerous spots, he met Thomas and their creative taste complemented each other. They formed MelodyGun Group as a turn-key solution to encourage communication between the different sound and music departments. After all, this is the most collaborative medium of art.

Hamed has supervised projects such as Nelson Mandela’s AR Experience, the feature film Arctic (Mads Mikkelsen), and commercials for brands like Lexus and Camelbak. His creative experience and business savvy have given him an eye (and ear!) for the care and creative discourse each project needs.

On weekends you can find him enjoying a class of single malt on a remote island… through virtual reality, of course!

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